2012 Volkswagen Beetle “Clap Back”

Tunes In This Commercial

"The Clapping Song" by Shirley Ellis


A guy is sitting in his car and drives off clapping the hands of people in the street all around the city, including a dog and a whole lot of bikers.


Three, six, nine, the goose drank wine, the monkey chewed tobacco, on the streetcar line, clap, pat, clap, pat, clap, pat, clap, slap. Clap, pat, clap your hand, pat it on your partners hand, right hand, clap, pat, clap your hand cross it, with your left arm, pat your partners left palm, clap, pat, clap your hand, pat your partners right palm, with your right palm again, clap, slap, slap your hands


It’s back, the Volkswagen Beetle. That’s the power of German engineering.