Balanced Bar | Michelob ULTRA

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"Taste It" by Jake Bugg

Different individuals working out and still able to enjoy a bottle of Michelob ULTRA with low calories.

Lyrics for "Taste It" by Jake Bugg

Fill my head with the future
Fill my eyes with the sky
Whole of my life I've been left behind
But I've never felt more alive

High speed conversations
Speeding on down the line
Looked in your eyes
Said the saddest goodbye
But I've never felt more alive

I can taste it
In my mouth it's just so bitter sweet
It's right there in your eyes of apple green
It should be easy but it's hard to leave

Went down in a fiery Zeppling
You won't know if you don't try
Nothing but my shirt
And I walked away hurt
But I've never felt more alive

Talking on a bad connection
Think I might have fused a wire
Your on the other side as our voices died
But I've never felt more alive

Yeah and this road between us
Man it's been a long hard drive
You pay for it in the morning when your best friend is denied

Flying all around, never looking down
No I've never felt more alive
Journeys going fast
I hope it's going to last
Because I've never felt more alive. Oh