Kia Soul Michelle Wie

Tunes In This Commercial

"Pro Nails" by Kid Sister (featuring Kanye West)


The stuffy, reifined air of an exclusive country club is punctured when Michelle Wie drives up in her Kia Soul pumpin’ the bass.


Shake it up, up. Rock your body an’ 
Make it knock, knock when you’re partyin’
Take a break, break in the audience
Do your footwork, break and stop again
I’m lookin’ sharp. You can’t compete with a champ
Steady flickin’. I’m holdin’ down that lawaway rack
Uh oh. Sho’ did. You ain’t slick
Naw, acrylic base, top all gold
Colors on my nails. To the paint on my toes
Stay fresh. I’m accustomed to gold

Michelle Wie:

Morning boys.