August: A Better Back to School | JC Penney

Tunes In This Commercial

"Get Ready" by Mayer Hawthorne


A young girl plays on a jungle gym with the beach at the background followed by a scene with several kids getting a back to school haircut. A guy and a girl are in a laundry shop taking their clothes out of the dryer. They both put on their jeans while bumping each other accidentally. The girl exits the laundry shop and the guy follows hurriedly as he finishes dressing up. A mother helps her daughter load the car as she gets ready to leave for college. As they close the trunk of the car, it moves forward and the mom runs after it. Final scene returns to the young girl at the beginning of the commercial playing on a jungle gym but this time with a school at the background. As she jumps off she gives her friend a high five and they both run into school together along with other kids.


So twiddley dee, twiddley dum. Look out Baby, ’cause here I come. I’m bringin’ you a love that’s true so, get ready, so, get ready. Gonna try to make love to you so, get ready, so, get ready ’cause here I come. Get ready ’cause here I come, I’m on my way, get ready, ’cause here I come, everyday, get ready.


it’s a better back to school at jcp. Arizona. i jeans by Buffalo. Nike. Levi’s. Decree.