Best Commercial Songs of 2016

The year has just begun but so many great commercial songs have already been released that we found it necessary to have the Best of 2016 Commercial Songs out early for this year. Of course, this list will continue to grow but for now, we are starting with the ones that have caught our attentions so far. Enjoy! 🙂

#1 Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love | Coca-Cola Commercial Song

Advertiser: Coca-Cola

Song: Hey Brother

Artist: Avicii

Coca-Cola does it again and is able to deliver an incredible message through their ad. This commercial captures the love and hate relationship of two brothers. At the start, the older brother keeps picking on his younger brother until he catches a group of kids picking on his brother and stealing his bottle of Coca-Cola. At first it seems like he was going to keep the bottle for himself, but he comes to the rescue and lets his little bro enjoy his Coca-Cola. Let’s not forget the amazing song in this advert as well. Avicii’s “Hey Brother” is definitely very fitting.

#2 Triplets

Triplets | Cadbury Dairy Milk Commercial Song

Advertiser: Cadbury

Song: Joy

Artist: The Soil

Such a precious commercial that starts off in the womb of a mother whose having triplets. The three unborn children start singing and snapping their fingers. It turns out they are overjoyed as their mother whose riding a bus is enjoying a bar of Cadbury chocolate. Incredible performance of the song “Joy” by The Soil. This is sure to be one of the best commercial songs for the year.

#3 More Than Brains

More Than Brains | University of Phoenix Commercial Song

Advertiser: University of Phoenix

Song: If I Only Had a Brain

Artist: from The Wizard of Oz

University of Phoenix has a great way of showing consumers the benefit of getting a degree, especially for those who are currently working. This particular commercial is a great one because it shows different individuals doing their best to study and complete a degree while working at the same time. The song is a great fit as well featuring “If I Only Had a Brain” from The Wizard of Oz.

#4 The Chase

The Chase | Toyota Prius Commercial Song

Advertiser: Toyota Prius

Song: Incredible Bongo Band

Artist: Apache

This Toyota Prius ad shows the endurance of the car and how efficient it is, even to bank robbers. When the getaway car of a group of robbers gets towed, they are left with no choice but to use a red Toyota Prius that is in front of them. They leave a bag of money to the owner and drive off with the car. The chase lasts for hours but they are able to successfully get away. A great commercial song is played, “Apache” by the Incredible Bongo Band.