Best Commercial Songs of 2015

#1 Sarah and Juan

Sarah & Juan | Extra Gum Commercial Song

Advertiser: Extra Gum

Song: Can’t Help Falling in Love

Artist: Haley Reinhart

The advertisers of this commercial did such a good job on leaving a lasting impression in viewers. Not only does this ad feature a newer rendition of a classic song by Elvis Presley, but also, it was able to tell a great romantic story that started off with a stick of gum. Definitely one of the best commercials of 2015 with one of the best commercial songs. Everyone can relate and has most likely experienced a similar love story to Sarah and Juan.

#2 Short a Guy

Short a Guy | Nike Commercial Song

Advertiser: Nike

Song: Surfin’ Bird

Artist: The Trashmen

A star-studded commercial featuring Mike Trout, Garrett Richards, Misty May-Treanor, Miles and Lyle Thompson, Mia Hamm, Andrew Luck, and Anthony Davis. Nike perfectly showcases their motto, “Just Do It,” in this ad. When a young boy gets invited to join different sports teams who are short a guy, he goes for it and plays basketball, volleyball, softball and everything else.

#3 Kiss Happiness

Kiss Happiness | Coca-Cola Commercial Song

Advertiser: Coca-Cola

Song: First Time First Love

Artist: Gedina

Coca-Cola’s constant happiness campaign sends a great message to all. This one is particularly enjoyable to watch because they’ve changed it up a bit and made it a kiss happiness advertisement that captures happy kissing moments for everyone. The song they chose for this commercial, “First Time First Love” by Gedina is a perfect match as well and suits it perfectly. This ad certainly makes you want to fall more in love.

#4 Dream Weekend

Dream Weekend | Subaru Impreza Commercial Song

Advertiser: Subaru

Song: I’ve Loved You All Over the World

Artist: Willie Nelson

Who doesn’t love anything with dogs??? All you dog lovers out there will certainly love this commercial. A dog owner takes his dog on a road trip for his birthday as they do things and cross it off from a list. Such a heartwarming ad featuring Willie Nelson’s song, “I’ve Loved You All Over the World.”

#5 Lab Partners

Lab Partners | United Healthcare Commercial Song

Advertiser: United Healthcare

Song: Wonderful World

Artist: Ezra Bell

United Healthcare shares a great story without losing the essence of the service they provide. The commercial features a young boy who has a crush on a girl named Maria. When they get partnered up in Science lab, he’s thrilled, even after seeing that she has an eye infection, they share a microscope. Of course, he gets infected and infects his two younger siblings as well. Cute and funny, this ad is one that will be remembered, especially with the incredible song, “Wonderful World” by Ezra Bell.

#6 Making Memories

Making Memories | Subaru Forester Commercial Song

Advertiser: Subaru

Song: Time Will Tell

Artist: Gregory Alan Isakov

Subaru has always advertised incredible commercials with great meaning. This is the second ad they have on the list and it features a story of a father who is cleaning out his Subaru and remembering memories he’s had with his daughter as he prepares to hand over his old Subaru to her. Gregory Alan Isakov’s song, “Time Will Tell” is the perfect accompaniment to this ad. Really gets you in that sentimental mood!

#7 Homecoming

Homecoming | Zillow Commercial Song

Advertiser: Zillow

Song: I Hate It When We Fight

Artist: Joy Williams

This commercial is about a couple searching for a house in a new place as they bring home their adopted son. They enjoy the new home together as a family, communicating a great message to viewers. The song “I Hate It When We Fight,” by Joy Williams is the right tune to accompany this commercial as well, which is why this ad is certainly part of our best for the year.

#8 Our Song

Our Song | United Healthcare Commercial Song

Advertiser: United Healthcare

Song: I’ve Had the Time of My Life

Artist: Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes

The second commercial song on the list for United Healthcare, this is certainly one that will make viewers fall off their seats. While in the middle of setting up for a meal, a classic song “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes plays on the radio, that prompts a couple to do the dance scene from the movie, Dirty Dancing. Unfortunately, this does not end well and someone ends up hurt.

#9 Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree | Toys R Us Commercial Song

Advertiser: Toys “R” Us

Song: Making All Things New

Artist: Aaron Espe

A great Christmas message of a group of children who sneak out at night to put together a Christmas Tree for an elderly neighbor, on his front yard. This is a nice reminder to everyone about being kind to one another. Featuring the song “Making All Things New” by Aaron Espe.

#10 Fingerprints

Fingerprints | Android Commercial Song

Advertiser: Android

Song: I Need You Like a Donut Needs a Hole

Artist: Barry Louis Polisar

Cute commercial with fingers dressed like people. Aside from the adorable way this ad was made, the song, “I Need You Like a Donut Needs a Hole” by Barry Louis Polisar is a great match. The details of this commercial and the great message it conveys are some of the reasons why this is one on our list. Just like fingerprints, we are all different and not the same, but that definitely shouldn’t stop us from being together and working together.