Best Commercial Songs of 2014

Another year has passed, and a whole lot of new commercials to add on to the list. Once again, we would like to thank you for all the support that you’ve given through the years. Here’s a compilation of the Top 10 Commercials for 2014. Happy viewing!

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10. If You’re Happy

Advertiser / Product: Weight Watchers
Song: If You’re Happy and You Know It
Artist: Tony Babino
 If You're Happy

We’re starting off the list with a Weight Watchers commercial, called “If You’re Happy.” The fact that this ad picked out a song everyone knows and made it their own really catches the attention of viewers. Plus, the song is catchy that it gets stuck in people’s heads.

This ad shows how all of us tend to eat snacks regardless of how we feel, whether we are happy, sad, angry, feeling bad, bored, lonely, sleepy, guilty, or stressed – whatever the emotion, we eat snacks. It is only the human thing to do, which is where Weight Watchers come in to help.

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9. The One That I Want

Advertiser / Product: Chanel
Song: You’re the One That I Want
Artist: Lo-Fang


It’s quite clear that a lot of time was spent making this short film. But what really gets viewers is the incredible version of a Grease classic song, “You’re the One that I Want.” This version is performed in the commercial by Lo-Fang and is noticeably different from the original version. It seems that a lot of advertisers are remaking older songs and making it so that it is more of a fit to what they need.

It does not hurt as well to have Gisele Bündchen and Michiel Huisman in this Chanel N°5 commercial. The scenes alternate from Lo-Fang performing the song, to Gisele surfing in the ocean and modeling, to Michiel waiting for Gisele. The film is all kinds of romantic and classy, that is sure to make anyone tingle.

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8. Your Land

Advertiser / Product: Dick’s Sporting Goods
Song: This Land is Your Land
Artist: My Morning Jacket

Your Land

This Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial reaches out to the viewers’ hearts in showcasing the different incredible spots to travel to in America. Plus, the song has so much meaning and is another tune that is familiar to everyone.

My Morning Jacket’s version of “This Land is Your Land” is done quite well with a mellow sound that is quite touching. With the different scenes of people exploring various lands using products sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods, it is a commercial that makes a lot of sense making it one that is included on this list.

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7. The Grammy Effect

Advertiser / Product: The Grammy’s
Song: All Too Well
Artist: Taylor Swift


This Grammy’s commercial featuring Taylor Swift is hilarious and should definitely be included in this list. It is very simple but hits the spot. A rocker looking guy waiting at a train station with headphones on, doing a head bang, makes you think that he is listening to some sort of rock and roll tune. But then, the next scene shows Taylor Swift performing, doing that same move. Great to see that Taylor has all sorts of fans out there, makes for a good laugh.

Really funny ad, with a snippet of Taylor Swift singing “All Too Well.” There is no doubt that this commercial is one of the best for 2014.

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6. Car Wash

Advertiser / Product: Diet Coke
Song: Clash
Artist: Caravan Palace

Diet Coke

“What if life tasted as good as Diet Coke?” This Diet Coke commercial is part of the list precisely because it takes you away from reality. Being part of the list last year, Diet Coke seems to keep coming back on the list with the great ads they have been showcasing.

Featuring the song “Clash” by Caravan Palace, this ad is fun to watch and certainly has a catchy tune that takes you away from reality for a while. A woman in her car entering a car wash drinks a bottle of Diet Coke and she sees a party. When her car exits the car wash, she snaps out of it and realizes just how good Diet Coke is.

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5. Make Someone Happy

Advertiser / Product: Coca-Cola
Song: Make Someone Happy
Artist: Jimmy Durante


Coca-Cola always seems to find a great way to send out a meaningful message through creative means. They always have incredible Christmas campaigns each year, and it is amazing how they keep topping off the one they had the year before.

This year, their commercial is all about making someone happy with small, simple gestures, like giving them a bottle of coke. To add a holiday touch to it, they include Santa Clause at the beginning and at the end of the ad drinking a bottle of Coca-Cola, seen at the North Pole with his elves, taking a peek into his book to see who has been naughty or nice for the year.

The message of this campaign is great and really resonates the true meaning of Christmas, which is about making the people around you happy. Features the song “Make Someone Happy” by Jimmy Durante.

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4. Puppy Love

Advertiser / Product: Budweiser
Song: Let Her Go
Artist: Passenger

Puppy Love

Budweiser always has memorable Super Bowl ads and the one they had for 2014 was no different. As soon as the song “Let Her Go” by Passenger starts playing, you already know that the commercial is a good one, especially for animal lovers out there.

This Budweiser ad focuses on a puppy living in an adoption home next to a stable with horses. The puppy visits the horse and a friendship is created between the two. Each time the puppy tries to visit his friend horse, he is returned back to the puppy adoption home. Until one day, someone adopts the puppy and as they drive away in the car, a group of horses come to save him and bring him back to the stable where he stays with his buddy horse.

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3. Pick-Up

Advertiser / Product: Firestone
Song: True Love Will Find You In The End
Artist: Daniel Johnston


It’s nice watching a commercial with a story, and this Firestone Pick-Up commercial has just that – a story. It’s a treat watching this ad because it makes you feel like you are actually watching a film and you can’t wait to see the ending.

This ad is about a young man driving his truck to run off with his bride-to-be. While running away, the couple runs into the girl’s parents but with dependable tires, they are able to continue on to their journey and ride off to the sunset.

Features a perfect song for the commercial, “True Love Will Find You In the End” by Daniel Johnston.

* * * * *

2. Irresistible

Advertiser / Product: Cadillac
Song: Come Up Man
Artist: G. Love & Special Sauce


There is quite a lot of boring car commercials out there that merely feature the car moving on a road. This is why it is so refreshing to see a funny car ad with something different, which brings this Cadillac commercial part of this list.

It starts off with a guy who sees the same shirt he is wearing on a store window and checks himself out. As he does this, a red Cadillac passes by the road alongside the sidewalk he is walking on. As he walks, he notices all these women turning their heads toward him, making him think that his choice of shirt was a good one since all the women are checking him out. He does not realize that it’s the Cadillac ATS Coupe this is actually the head turner.

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1. Friends Are Waiting

Advertiser / Product: Budweiser
Song: Custom Song
Artist: Momentum Worldwide

Friends Are Waiting

Number one on the list is a commercial that will not only bring tears to your eyes, but also has an important message. Budweiser has another commercial on the list, this time with deeper meaning, reminding everyone to drink responsibly especially since there are others waiting.

The ad features a guy who brings home a puppy who grows into a dog. They go on all sorts of adventures together and really bond with each other. Until one night the dog waits for his buddy but good thing he returns. Basically, Budweiser’s message is always make a plan to get home safe, especially when you’re out drinking so that you can be there for those you love.

The incredible message this commercial sends out along with the custom made music that is perfect for the ad, makes this one at the top of the list.

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So that’s it for the best commercials of 2014. ‘Till next year!