Artist Spotlight: Young, Fresh, and Fun Tunes by Kathryn Ostenberg

Kathryn-OstenbergWhen we realized just how many songs of Kathryn Ostenberg have been featured in commercials, we have no idea why we did not feature her as our Artist Spotlight sooner! This artist is certainly one that we should have shared with you all way, way back. Anyway, what is important is that we are going to give you the details on Kathryn now. That is all that matters.

Kathryn’s music has repeatedly been featured in commercials for Smirnoff and Belk. The fact that these two brands have used her songs more than once is definitely an indicator of how great her music is. Her sound is fresh and young, making it a suitable choice for advertisements targeted for women.

Kathryn Ostenberg entered the music scene in 2009. Although her hometown is in Denver, Colorado, she currently divides her time between New York City and Los Angeles. This talented, fresh artist is not only a singer, but she is a songwriter too. She considers her music full of sunshine and happiness, but at times it may also be filled with sadness from a broken heart.

She released her first EP called Love Is in 2012. This was followed by The Other Side that she released during the later part of the same year. In 2013, she began the year with her EP, You Are and ended it with a release of her single, Hold On. For this year, she has released Tides and an EP, Waves.

“Be Young” is the song that can be heard in the Smirnoff commercials, while Belk released three commercials featuring different songs recorded by Kathryn. The Belk Fall 2014 commercial features “Be Young,” the Belk music and fashion commercial features “Feel Electrical” and another one features “Colorful World.”

At the moment, Kathryn is busy at work and focusing on creating beautiful music that we will all love to listen to. Her tunes are positively dreamy and will certainly catch our attention when we hear them playing anywhere.

Make sure to watch out for what else Kathryn has in store for us!