Artist Spotlight: The Obscure-ness of Diskord

diskordListening to unique tunes always catches the attention of fans. That can be said about Diskord who really went out of their way to share their passion for a different sound with everyone. ​

With metal like tunes that have a twist, Diskord has been praised for their boldness for going all levels in their music. From loud beats to all else in between, this band really showcased it all.​ ​

Coming from Bristol, UK, the group consists of Hans Jorgen (vocals/ drums), Dmitry (guitars/vocals)​, and Eyvind (bass/vocals). With the music these three boys have put together, it is hard to believe that they have only been working together for 18 months. Before they combined all their musical efforts together, they have already established successful individual careers. Now as a team, they are making an even bigger impact.

Diskord2Although this genre of music is not for everyone, there is no denying that the tunes that this bunch put out does not go unnoticed. In fact, their song “Go Hard” was recently featured in the Truth commercial for the no smoking campaign.

If you are a fan of wild, metal music, then Diskord is definitely something you will enjoy. Make sure to catch them this fall 2015 while they tour around the U.S. For 2016 they are booked to play for WitchFest which is the largest metal festival in South Africa. Their latest album Oscillations is also out now.