Artist Spotlight: The Not so Basic, Basic Vacation

basic-vacationThose who want to hear fun, upbeat music can definitely expect that from the up and coming band, Basic Vacation. This music group of three delivers alternative pop rock to their audience that is sure to keep you excited. This trio first caught our attention when their song “I Believe” was featured in the trailer of the movie, Dolphin Tale 2. This song is catchy and one that puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Basic Vacation consists of three members, Chris Greatti – the vocalist and guitarist, Mike Montalbano – the drummer, and Jon Paul – the bassist. The different members hail from all over America with Chris from New York, Mike from New Jersey, and Jon from Florida. These musicians did not hit it big overnight and played in different groups before they formed Basic Vacation. Good thing that their paths all merged together to what it is now.

basic-vacationWhen the group started out, they struggled to get by and had to do all sorts of things just to put food on the table. Although those times were tough, everything went well for them when it came to their music. They had a chance to record rough demos of their songs that ended up in the hands of David Kahne, one of the well-known producers in the industry. Now, they are able to perform with other bands like Twenty One Pilots and New Politics.

The group draws inspiration from different bands and artists like Foster the People, New Radicals, The Killers, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Tears for Fears, and other classic rock artists. This inspiration has certainly helped them find their own unique sound, which is evident in the music they have created.

Their song “I Believe” was also recently featured in the Express commercial. With all these brands knocking at their door, it is clear that their song is popular with fans. Basic Vacation currently has an EP out now, which is filled with music that the audience is sure to enjoy.

basic-vacation1It’s a good thing that this trio never stopped believing in reaching their dreams. Everything turned out and now fans are able to listen to the tunes that Basic Vacation has to offer. Seeing as this group is just starting out, there is a lot for us to watch out for. Make sure to keep your ear out for music from this great new pop rock band.