Artist Spotlight: The Hathaways

the-hathawaysJust a few months ago, a band called The Hathaways caught our attention in the Google Chromebook commercial that featured their song “Let’s Go.” This song is catchy and a perfect choice for a commercial. With the great sound they delivered, we wanted to learn more about them. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to find about this band online.

After some digging, we soon discovered that this Canadian band only played together from August 2011 to March 2013. The great thing about music is that regardless if the artists are still together or not, music lives on. That is the case with The Hathaways.

This five member band comprises of Greg Hathaway (vocals), Adam Payne (guitar), Nick Vendetti (bass), Randy Bowman (drums), James Paul McMaster Phillips (keyboards). Based in Vancouver, they played a total of 10 shows around the area. Even if this group was not able to release an album, fans can enjoy the four original songs they released and several covers that they recorded.

During their short stint as a band, The Hathaways released “I’m Quittin You,” “Let’s Go!” “Caught My Eye,” and “Hear Me Calling.” Their songs express unique and classic rock and roll tune that is not like most rock bands out there. It’s nice hearing the keyboards as well, making their music distinct from other musician’s in the industry today. It’s a shame that this rock and roll group was not able to release more as it would have been nice to see what else they had to offer fans.

Hopefully in time this band will consider reuniting and perhaps play more awesome tunes that people can rock and groove to. For now, let’s enjoy the music that The Hathaways has left for fans to listen to.