Artist Spotlight: The Coupling of Escondido

escondido-bannerEscondido’s music tingled in our ears when we heard it in the DSW commercial featuring their song “Keep Walkin.” It may be difficult to describe this type of music at first but when you imagine where you are with that sound, you begin to realize it’s some sort of western, country, desert like creation that meets the seventies.

zBased in Nashville, Tennessee, Escondido artists Tyler James and Jessica Maros coupled in an unexpected way. Having met by chance during a recording for a mutual friend, Jessica caught Tyler’s eye when she was strumming a song on the couch while everyone else was busy getting drinks at the kitchen. They just clicked and decided to make a record together. Since then, they bonded over spaghetti, 70’s music, Westerns, and with creating great songs.

From Country Ballads to Pop Tunes, each song that Escondido created has a story that brings them back to that time that they were working on it. It really showcases their feelings and mood at that moment that they made it.

escondidoAlthough both Tyler and Jessica are now based in Nashville, they did not grow up there. Tyler is from a small town in Iowa while Jessica is from Vancouver, British Columbia. Knowing that he always wanted to be a musician, Tyler was a solo artist before finding Jessica with the birth of Escondido. Meanwhile, Jessica was a successful clothing and jewelry designer which she still finds time to do once in a while.

There certainly is a lot to look forward to with Escondido. Their music brings the story of love lost in a Seventies Western era. Their debut album The Ghosts of Escondido has tons of great music that ponder on the feeling of losing love and finding it again.