Artist Spotlight: The Christian Lopez Band

christian-lopez-band-album-pilot-2014-500pxWhat do a lot of young incredible singers have in common? Many of them have a soul of an old musician tucked inside them. Christian Lopez has just that, a soul of an Appalachian mountain bluegrass artist that inspires him to make great music. His tunes not only give off a lot of soul, but also contain a hint of blues and country, making you want to groove.

We first caught a glimpse of 19-year old Christian Lopez when his song “This Romance” was featured in the Belk commercial. We also learned that he was a part of the “Modern Southern Music” tour that was sponsored by Belk. Hailing from the Eastern part of West Virginia, while growing up, he was surrounded by Appalachian pickers, jam bands, and bluegrass groups. It is clear that he has so many influences but knew how to blend everything so seamlessly.

Playing the piano at five and strumming a guitar by six, which was brought on by his mom who was a music teacher, it is clear that Christian knew just what he wanted to be at such a young age. He is a great songwriter and a catchy performer who draws inspiration from artists like AC/DC, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson, Van Halen, Waylon Jennings, James Taylor and Johnny Cash.

Christian started writing songs as an early teen and even began touring with his band before he was allowed to drive legally. His father supported his calling and would drive him and his band around as well as act as the tour manager. The Christian Lopez Band comprises of Christian Lopez (vocals and guitar), Michael Silver (drums and percussion), Chelsea McBee (vocals and banjo), and Joshua LeBreton (bass).

Christian-Lopez-BandTheir first EP is entitled, Pilot, containing five songs. The songs in this first EP express adolescent relationships. Meanwhile, their second record, ONWARD promotes a different message in the songs, which is more on the responsibilities and sacrifices you deal with when going for something that you are driven to do. Basically, the band is sharing with everyone to just keep on going and doing.

Christian and his band is definitely one of the new groups to watch out for. His dream is to play in a new place each night so that everyone can listen to his music. By doing what he is passionate about and sharing his passion with all his fans, he will certainly have his music heard in all areas of the world, soon enough.