Artist Spotlight: Shake to The Beats of Arum Rae

ArumRaeWhen we heard the catchy tune in the latest Microsoft Surface Pro 3 commercial we immediately had to find out more about the singer, Arum Rae. The song in the commercial called “Something’s Happening To Me,” really brought the ad to life. After a bit of research, we discovered that Arum Rae was formerly known as White Dress. Pretty cool that this up and coming artist has several tracks to share with her fans.

Now based in Brooklyn, New York, Arum previously resided in Austin, Texas. As White Dress, she released an EP in 2010 that was entitled White Dress that contained five songs: “Light Hearted,” “Wearing Red,” “No Solid State,” “The Kill,” and “Five Feet of Road.” In October 2012, she released her first EP under Arum Rae called, If I Didn’t Know Better with nine tracks. In April 2014 she released another EP entitled Warranted Queen that includes the track featured in the Microsoft commercial.

ArumBefore releasing another EP, she released a single entitled “Gold” in June 2014. Then in November 2014, she released an EP entitled Waving Wild. The same time she released that EP, she also released a single called “Cruel.” Arum Rae has been gaining more attention recently, but she has been making music since 2010 for fans to enjoy so technically she is not that new to the music scene.

The best part about this artist is that in addition to performing her music, she has written practically all her songs, which shows that she is a true talent. What makes her music fun for everyone to listen to is that they are danceable rock tunes that makes you want to shake it.


Arum’s music is considered a blend of folk, blues, and electronica. She has had tours all over the country for the past few months and continues to have tours in various states. You can check out her tour schedules on her the Arum Rae site to catch her perform near you.