Artist Spotlight: Oliver Daldry

Comforting and calming music is definitely what Oliver Daldry delivers. This new up and coming artist from East Anglia, UK has drawn attention to plenty of fans. But with the music that he makes, he is surely bound to gain followers. Some have even compared him to Ed Sheeran, who has been on the top of everyone’s list.

daldryDaldry has been composing songs probably as soon as he could write. He caught our attention by being featured in the Burberry commercial for his song “Darkness”.

To date, he has released a single as well as 2 EPs entitled The Boy Who Fell and Darkness. His songs reflect his experiences as well as experiences of others. One could describe his songs as mature and realistic as well as having great insight.

Although Daldry is surrounded by many other artists, with his particular sound, he is sure to succeed by continuing to deliver what he does best to his fans. Playing all over UK in festivals and concerts, those in the area will have plenty of opportunity to catch this wonderful new artist.

There is no doubt that this guy is one of the new acts to watch out for!