Artist Spotlight: Nate Boone

nate-booneWhen an artist gets featured in a Victoria’s Secret commercial, it is kind of hard not to take notice. So when Nathanael Boone’s music was picked for one of their recent ads, we fell in love and did some digging. There must be something special about this guy’s music that got one of his songs, specifically entitled “Money,” to be a part of a sexy lingerie commercial, right?

We discovered that Nathanael was born a rock star. With a huge family, traveling around singing with nine siblings, it is no wonder that he has been singing since the second he opened his eyes. The best part is, this artist is not only a singer but is the whole package! He plays the drums, the piano, the trumpet, bass guitar, and basically anything else!

There is not much about him to find on the web, and in fact, his song is not even available for download. But with the little information we found, we learned that his nickname is Nate and that he lives by Detroit, Michigan. For his work, he travels to Nashville and Los Angeles.

Surprisingly, he did not start as a solo artist and was actually part of a band called, Love Arcade. He has also had several collaborations with different artists. In fact, he has also been featured in several other commercials from Kia to Evian to ABC Family.

Calling himself a bringer of funk, it would definitely be exciting to see what other funky sounds he has to offer his fans. It is fun to watch out for artists like these who are so talented and have plenty more to deliver to their audience. Surely, there is more to come from Nate Boone!