Artist Spotlight: Get Rattled With Sin Shake Sin

Sin Shake SinHearing the music in the Vampire Diaries’ I Alone Trailer for this week’s episode got us wondering who that artist is. It is an upbeat sound with a bit of rock that is quite intriguing. So of course, we jumped into search mode and discovered that the song is called “Can’t Go to Hell” by Sin Shake Sin, which is a project by award-winning artist, Stacy Hogan. This one boy wonder wrote each and every song, played the instruments, produced, recorded and mixed the content of his first album all on his own. That is definitely talent!

Stacey Hogan has been a professional musician since the age of fifteen. He brought his talents to Nashville, Tennessee starting from session musician to producer until he finally built his own production company when he reached 24. He certainly kept going from there.

Although Sin Shake Sin is fairly new, Stacy Hogan has been around in the music scene for quite a while, writing songs for various artists and even creating Billboard Top Ten singles. He even had a previous project in 2010 called Lovers and Liars that was signed to Universal Republic. His recent success in licensing his music made him decide to begin Sin Shake Sin and released a debut album last June 2014. He realized that writing music for others is great, but writing music for himself is even better.

Sin Shake Sin AlbumIf you are a fan of indie rock and alternative rock and are interested in something fresh, then this is the music for you. Hogan delivers bold, one of a kind tunes with a mixture of rock, pop, and blues. Plus, the music is so distinct, being recorded using an 8-string guitar to achieve the particular sound he is after.

Aside from being featured in commercials/trailers, Sin Shake Sin is also featured in a new video game called “Music Monsters.” If you have become a fan of this music just as we have, you should definitely check out the album “Lunatics and Slaves.” Knowing that this artist purely creates music from his passion for it, it is no wonder why he delivers such incredible music to our ears.