Artist Spotlight: Cruising with Midnight Pilot

Midnight-Pilot-AlbumFolk-rock music always has this calming effect that makes it great to listen to. Midnight Pilot definitely gives that soothing feeling with their tunes. Based in Nashville Tennessee, this folk-rock Americana band has been playing music together since they were young and still continue to make music as a group. If you love Coldplay, then you are sure to love Midnight Pilot.

This four-member ensemble consists of Grant Geertsma (vocals, lyrics, guitars); Kyle Schonewill (guitars, keys, vocals, production); Kris Schonewill (aux percussion, bass guitar); and Dustin Wise (organ, keys).

These guys originally came from West Michigan, where they grew up together. Since they have known each other for some time, they have been playing music together for more than ten years. They blend classic americana with vintage harmonies, delivering great sound for a casual day.

Like all bands, Midnight Pilot draws influences from other artists that they admire. For them, these are Coldplay, Tyler James, The Wallflower, Tom Petty, Escondido, Phantom Planet, Neil Young, My Morning Jacket, Wilco, and Paul Simon.

midnightpilotcoverLast May, the band released their self-titled record for 12 full songs, which they recorded in Nashville. This record includes their EP “Let Go.” One of their songs, “Slow Down” was also recently featured in the recentĀ DSW commercial.

If you haven’t had the chance already, make sure to check out Midnight Pilot’s tunes to really get a feel of what they are all about. You surely won’t be disappointed.