Artist Spotlight: An Explosion of Sound with Black Pistol Fire

black-pistol-fire2When we heard Black Pistol Fire’s music in the latest T-Mobile commercial, we were eager to learn more about this group. We figured, so did you. So, we are going to give you all the details that we can about Black Pistol Fire, hoping that there is a lot more to come from them.

After some digging, we discovered that Black Pistol Fire is a rock and roll duo from Canada that emerged in the scene in 2009. Kevin McKeown is the lead vocals and plays the guitar as well, while Eric Owen plays the drums. These two who have known each other since kindergarten divide their time between Austin, Texas and Toronto, Ontario.

It is interesting how McKewon and Owen were friends at a young age and both conquered their passion for music together during high school. Initially, they were part of a rock and roll trio called The Shenanigans where they recorded an LP entitled “Bombshell Baby.” Unfortunately, things did not go as planned with The Shenanigans so these two buddies decided to pursue something else and made a move down South to Austin, Texas. That is where everything began.

While immersing in Austin’s music scene, the two started practicing as a duo as well. This allowed them to develop their own sound, which had a hint of what the south had to offer. Just like how most artists started out, this they rented a garage and lived off potatoes while passionately creating music and rehearsing them.

black-pistol-fireWith all their hard work, it was only a matter of time that they would get noticed and true enough, a producer approached them during a gig at a local Austin bar. This led them to making their next LP called “Black Pistol Fire,” released in February 2011. In August 2012, they released another album called “Big Beat 59.” This was followed by another album release in April 2014 that was called “Hush or Howl.”

The sound of Black Pistol Fire definitely has a rock tune to it, which is obvious in their music. It is meant to keep you pumping, just like it did in the T-Mobile commercial. It certainly kept the crowd going and it certainly caught our attention!

What makes their music fun is the clear energy that can be heard through their rock and roll sound. If this duo continues to keep it up with their energetic vibe then we will all be left wanting more. Let’s make sure to watch out for what Black Pistol Fire has in store for fans.