Artist Spotlight: All About Al Bairre

Al Bairre 3Discovering up and coming bands out there is always exciting. Just when you think that a lot of incredible music had already been made and artists don’t have anything more to offer – they prove you wrong. That is exactly how it is with Al Bairre, a symphonic indie rock band from Cape Town. This group creates awesome music by combining the sounds of the cello, drums, violins, ukuleles, and guitars. On their Facebook page, Al Bairre (pronounced Al Bear) describe themselves as an “aggressively unfancy band from the mother city.” Also, they say they have nice hair and like ugly things.

The band emerged into the music scene in 2012 and played in a ton of successful shows with other great artists like Grassy Spark, Holliday Murray, LA VI, Beach Party, and Matthew Mole. In addition to performing, that same year, they released an EP called “When I Was Tall.” Their first EP was greatly received by fans locally and in other parts of the world.

Al Bairre 2

With their first EP out, the band was busy performing in shows and filming music videos for their tracks. They did a video for two of their songs, “Right Here in July” and “When I Was Tall.” Band members Nic, Kyle, Tessa, and Julia have completed numerous successful tours around South Africa together as Al Bairre. Their track “We Move On” was even picked out for the Hershey’s commercial.

Al BairreIn the 2013 Vodacom IntheCity JHB, the band was chosen as the only local act who supported international acts like Boyz noise, Alt J, The Hives, and Skunk Anansie. And in 2014, Al Bairre received nominations for 2 MK awards for the categories “Best Budget Video” and “Best New Comer.” In addition, they were invited to perform at the award ceremony and open with their song “Tunnels.” It was a great night for them, bringing home both awards.

Al Bairre is off to a great start – being featured in various publications and being present in various shows and festivals.